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07/08/2017 9:36 am

The Benefits of Retin-A Cream and How to Use it Properly

Retin-a, otherwise known as retin-a tretinoin cream, has long been prescribed by dermatologists for skincare use. The prescription strength option works far better than anything bought in-store. There are many benefits to the substance as long as it gets used properly, including acting as an exfoliant. Everyone considering using this product must learn how to use it correctly so their skin is left clean and clear with all the added benefits the cream brings.

Be Aware of the Adjustment Period

Many people steer clear of retin-a tretinoin cream due to the red skin and dry, flaky patches they develop. These side effects only show up during the adjustment period and will not last after prolonged use of the product. Continue use through this period and watch the remarkable results not long after.

Use Sunscreen

This cream makes people's skin much more sensitive to the sun. Sunscreen must be worn with this product if users wish to see accurate results. Without any sort of protection from the sun, the retin-a tretinoin cream could react with the sun's rays and cause a severe burn. With harmful UV rays to worry about anyways, everyone should already be taking precautions against sunburns so their skin does not become damaged.

Apply Moisturizer Regularly

The skin needs to stay moisturized for this cream to work effectively. It will become dried out and flaky if not enough moisturizing product gets used before application. When the skin remains supple and saturated, it will take better to the cream and allow the face to take in the benefits without becoming overly dried out.

Start With a Low Dose

Some users start with a dose that is much too high for their skin. A large amount is unnecessary, especially for beginners. Always start with a low dose to see how the skin will react. Users can work their way to higher amounts after their skin has become accustomed to the product. The weakest level is .01, but many agree this does not do much of anything. Some start with the second option, of .025 percent.

Anyone looking to try retin-a tretinoin needs to take these critiques into consideration. The cream will not bring about its many benefits to the skin if it is not properly applied and used in conjunction with other necessary products, such as moisturizer and sunscreen. Be aware of the adjustment period and be sure to use the cream well so the skin can greatly benefit from its use.

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